Im bAck! Wednesday, Jun 17 2009 

my sister is in Japan! You can see her blog @  so that’s pretty cool she’s actually quite funny. ok mom’s yelling @ me so i gotta go sorry for not wirting for a looooooooooooooong time.


ummmm Wednesday, Feb 18 2009 

so my nature club @ school is having these bird people come. very fun.  so i used to be sure that i hated the jonas brothers ( JB)  but now im not so sure. see i like this one song underdog. it reminds me of me when i get angry at my friends.  so i don’t know. any advice? none? yeah i expected that since NO ONE READS THIS THING!  ok im cool. bye.

new york Tuesday, Aug 12 2008 

hiya people who don’t read my blog! this is qwerty back from ny w/ cousins and others. tiny cousins were getting rele annoying! tiniest climbed all over me when i played ds. Argh! vere annoying. o well done now. the car ride wuz long and also annoying. huhhhhhhhhhhhh… thanks 4 not listening~Qwertyuiop17

DOCTOR WHO! Tuesday, Jun 24 2008 

Aaaaah! i have been going doctor who crazy!(and daivd tennant,current doctor, is a HOTTIE!)hee hee. hope somone out there likes doctor who also.~qwertyuiop17

wheee! Sunday, Jun 15 2008 

ok! got this catergory up whoo hoo!

okay! Sunday, Jun 15 2008 

i think i finally got tihs blog under control!this should be in my new catergory webkinz!

i have a spotted frog, polar bear, and a black cat. would anyone like to trade? stuff? i have a hot air ballon that i would be willing to trade for stuff. please coment and say what you will trade!~qwerty17

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saturday, Jun 14 2008 

thank you so much for comenting! Iain~ my only problem is i don’t knowwhat is interesting to many people!but i will try and i was very surprised when i saw the comements! thank you.

Dianarn~my doctors say the second one dosen’t hurt as much and plus whatever my mother says rules around our house.but i will mention it at our next appointment.thank you.~Qwertyuiop17

HPV vaccine Saturday, Jun 14 2008 

i just got the HPV vaccine and it HURT! but i had no side effects but my sister did! she says she lost sight/hearing for a little while and then then doctor came in(we were at the doctors office)and she had her lay down and after about 15 min she sat up got a tad dizzy and other than that was a-ok. but i’ve been looking this up and other girls had less forutane side effects like actual fainting and seizures and sometimes even death?(not actually sure about that one) but if anyone has had other effects please comment because we don’t know what to do~qwertyuiop17

well…….. Friday, May 23 2008 

ok so this isn’t actually a very nature and wild lifey blog but i really don’t care cuz it’s my blog and no one else’s so HA! now, American Idol wuz awesome cuz David Cook won which wuz soooooooooooooo right i mean David A. is good but he has a wimpy voice.

what if … Thursday, May 15 2008 

what if?  that a big question how could we ever answer it if it has so many answers? which one is right ? who says so? WHAT IF? what if russia launches that bomb? what if a country pops up with nuclear weapons stronger than ours and deceides that they hate us? what then? what if korea has nuclear stuff we don’t relize they have? what if another hitler pops up and starts ww3? WHAT IF ?????????!!!!!!!!!!!????????? whats going on/ why aren’t we included?what,what,what, what, what,what? why is the human race given such difficult questions with no answers remotely possible? WELL? will no one answer?

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